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As Registered Australian Migration Agents, Alliance Migration we have certain professional standards and obligations regarding your privacy. We will not disclose any details or personal identifiers to any other third parties unless without expressed authorisation from the client. Australian Privacy Laws from the Australian Privacy Act 1998 apply as does our Code of Conduct which the human right to privacy.

For regulating privacy and standards, all Australian migration agent professionals are regulated by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), an Australian Government Office of who issues the Code of Conduct for Agents, They also publish a Consumer Guide that must always be issued to all clients and peoples’ requesting migration information.

As we handle information that is personal, you can be assured that any information that is disclosed will be held in the strictest confidence.

You can find a copy of the Code of Conduct here. 

You can find a copy of the Consumer Guide here

Consumer Guide Migration Agent
MARA Consumer Guide



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