Removal of skilled occupations July 2017 list CSOL SOL

On 1st July 2017, 52 occupations have been shortlisted to be removed from the Australia skilled occupation lists (SOL Skilled occupation list  & CSOL Consolidated Skilled occupation list).

Currently, If you are a chef, engineer, GP (general practitioner) or accountant, please be warned that you occupation is currently subject to removal and you have until the 30th of June 2017 to have lodged a complete application, otherwise if your occupation is removed, you cannot apply.

What do I do if my occupation is removed from the skilled list?

It means based on your occupation, you can no longer be sponsored by an employer for a skilled visa (such as 186, 457, etc) or nominated under any points based skilled migration (subclass 190, 189), for an Australian visa, unless you are in a regional area with a sponsoring employer who wishes to sponsor you for the RSMS 187 regional skilled migration scheme permanent visa or applying for a subclass 489 visa.


What occupations are on the list could potentially be removed?


Why are they removing jobs from the skilled occupation lists & CSOL?

The government conducts assessments of skill shortages for work in all occupations across Australia. These roles currently have been flagged by the Department of Education and training as sufficient staff in these roles.




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