Looking to work in Australia?

Australia has comprehensive programs for specific overseas skilled workers to share their skills and work in Australia.

We can assist overseas residents who have certain qualifications and skills in gaining a potential visa for Australia, and can assist you through any registration and/or certification process which is very complex. This could offer great rewards with the bonus of being able to work in Australia and/or abroad.

Currently we are targeting:

  • Doctors
  • Medical specialists
  • qualified chefs
  • I.T professionals
  • Qualified Trades – carpenters, painters, plasterers, decorators

and much more….

If you have a qualification and work experience in these areas, please do not hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, please send a resume (curriculum vitae) to for a free assessment for any opportunity for you to gain an Australian work visa.

Otherwise, call us on +61402430985 for more information on our recruitment process.

Generally, better opportunities exist for those willing to work in regional areas, as there are constant skills shortages in regional areas. Also, for an Australia work visa application, in certain circumstances for the regional area visas, there are lower application requirements for those willing to work in the less populated areas.

Also, for regional areas (predominantly remote areas), for some occupations you could have the ability to earn considerably more money than those on other located in major cities.

Australia has a desperate ‘critical’ shortage of some occupations, and we are here to help applicants and employers find suitable workers to meet their needs.

Call us for an interview as at Alliance Migration, we are a migration agency with a difference.